glassRUN Benefits

Go the Extra Mile in the Last Mile through glassRUN

  • Get complete visibility and control in the last mile in real-time.
  • Accurately invoice immediately upon delivery.
  • Be 100% compliant with all on-field processes.
  • A simple, effective and affordable solution with a compelling business case.

Customer Satisfaction with glassRUN

graph of customer satisfaction with glassRUN
Visibility & Control

Your customers, transporters, supply chain teams and customer service teams now all have real-time visibility of the delivery process.

Customer Satisfaction

This gives you the capability to deliver on time, with improved accuracy and immediate responsiveness.

Our customers have realised over 300% increase in customer satisfaction within months of deploying glassRUN

Shrink the Order to Cash Cycle with glassRUN

Speed up your billing and cash collection cycle by receiving instant and accurate delivery information from the field.

graph of cash cycle with glassRUN
glassRUN has proved to reduce the billing cycle from up to 14 days to a few hours immediately upon deployment.

Achieve 100% On-Field Compliance with glassRUN

Automate and control health & safety, regulatory and other such compliances over-the-air across your entire transportation fleet.

compliance with glassRUN
glassRUN has proved to achieve 100% compliance immediately upon deployment.

glassRUN - A Compelling Business Case

Easy to buy, quick to deploy and gives rapid results.

solutions with glassRUN
Ease of use
  • Simple & inexpensive subscription fee.
  • Easy to implement within a month.
  • Easier than pen and paper.
  • Disproportionate benefits.
glassRUN is easy to buy, quick to deploy and has delivered rapid results.

glassRUN Overview

glassRUN is an Easy to Buy, Quick to Deploy solution that will give you Rapid Results

glassRUN automates the process from your distribution centre to the end customer through a real-time collaborative platform.

glassRUN is:

  • A cloud hosted platform to bring your customers, transporters and supply chain teams together.
  • An automation engine that will drive efficiencies & eliminate errors in the last mile logistics.
  • A source of real-time on-field data to enable advanced analytics.
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