7 Key Features

using glassRUN

glassRUN portal
  • Hosted on the cloud.
  • Accessed on any device through the internet.
  • Used by Customers, Supply Chain teams, Customer Service Teams, Executive Teams and Transportation teams.
glassRUN app
  • Installed on a smart device.
  • Works in online & offline mode.
  • Used by Delivery Personnel/Drivers.

1. glassRUN Delivery Scheduling & Run Management

glassRUN portal
glassRUN receives Sales Order information from the ERP system. These orders are then allocated and scheduled across the transportation network.
  • Seamless integration to SAP, Oracle & Microsoft ERP systems
  • Automated allocation to the right transporter as per your rules
  • Easy scheduling
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2. glassRUN Console View

glassRUN portal
Use glassRUN "Console View" for a quick snap shot of all your delivery orders across the entire transportation network.
  • Get real-time status of all your deliveries.
  • Communicate in real-time with all stakeholders
  • Extract reports
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3. Digital handshake at collection point using glassRUN

glassRUN app
glassRUN ensures that the right goods, from the correct batch, are dispatched to the right transporter, for the right customer, with accurate quantity.
  • Batch control & Lot control during dispatch
  • Dispatch planning
  • Geo-Stamping
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4. glassRUN Tracker View

glassRUN portal
Use the glassRUN "Tracker View" to track & trace all delivery orders in real-time. This view can be configured appropriately for customers, supply chain teams, customer service teams and transportation teams.
  • A complete 360 degree view of each delivery
  • Track & Trace
  • History
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5. Controlled Delivery through glassRUN

glassRUN app
glassRUN ensures that the right goods, from the correct batch, are delivered to the right customer, in the correct quantity, to the correct ship to location of the customer.
  • Batch control & Lot control during delivery
  • Delivery Planning & Checklists
  • Geo-Stamping
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6. Electronic Proof of Delivery through glassRUN

glassRUN app
glassRUN instantly generates & transmits the ePOD to the ERP system for instant invoicing.
  • Instantly generate delivery acknowledgement
  • Auto-trigger invoicing
  • ePOD
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7. Customer Self-Service using glassRUN

glassRUN portal
Your customers can access all information and documents related to delivery through the glassRUN portal.
  • Give your customer a 360 degree view
  • Quicker dispute resolution
  • Quicker payments
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