The Last Frontier in the Supply Chain

Why is the Last Mile Important?

  • The last mile is the only physical touch point between you and your customers.
  • It is the performance in your last mile that defines the effectiveness of your supply chain processes to your customers.
  • The last mile is an opportunity to create value, differentiation and competitive advantages.
  • However, this critical step is often neglected leading to customer satisfaction, cash collection and compliance issues.

The Blind Spot in your Supply Chain

Your competitive advantages lie in giving maximum flexibility and responsiveness to your customers during the last mile of the supply process. This is directly proportionate to the degree of visibility and control you have over this process.

graph of customer satisfaction without glassRUN
Lack of Visibility & Control

Paper driven or rudimentary systems are error prone, slow, hard to control and allow no real-time visibility.

Customer Satisfaction Issues

This inevitably leads to customer satisfaction issues and compromises your capability to be flexible and responsive.

Go the Extra Mile in the Last Mile through glassRUN

  • Get complete visibility and control in the last mile in real-time.
  • Accurately invoice immediately upon delivery.
  • Be 100% compliant with all on-field processes.
  • A simple, effective and affordable solution with a compelling business case.

Customer Satisfaction with glassRUN

graph of customer satisfaction with glassRUN
Visibility & Control

Your customers, transporters, supply chain teams and customer service teams now all have real-time visibility of the delivery process.

Customer Satisfaction

This gives you the capability to deliver on time, with improved accuracy and immediate responsiveness.

Our customers have realised over 300% increase in customer satisfaction within months of deploying glassRUN

How Long does it Take for you to Collect your Cash after the Delivery of Goods?

graph of cash collection without glassRUN

This is dependent on the pace with which you can collect error free proof of deliveries manually from the field. This process is often error prone and slow, thus slowing your capability to invoice quickly and correctly.

Eliminate Redundancies through Automation

graph of cash cycle without glassRUN

Eliminating the dependency on manual paper processes and creating seamless automation can achieve this. You should have the ability to accurately invoice immediately after the delivery.

Shrink the Order to Cash Cycle with glassRUN

Speed up your billing and cash collection cycle by receiving instant and accurate delivery information from the field.

graph of cash cycle with glassRUN
glassRUN has proved to reduce the billing cycle from up to 14 days to a few hours immediately upon deployment.

What is your Exposure due to Lack of Compliances?

Health, safety and regulatory compliances can be overbearing to manage especially when dealing with large, dispersed and complex transportation networks.

Non compliance means increased liabilities

Are you compliant?
This is a difficult question for most organisations to answer especially because of the lack of a centrally administered system that ensures complete compliance.

compliance without glassRUN

Achieve 100% On-Field Compliance with glassRUN

Automate and control health & safety, regulatory and other such compliances over-the-air across your entire transportation fleet.

compliance with glassRUN
glassRUN has proved to achieve 100% compliance immediately upon deployment.

Lack of Good Solutions

Why haven't you already solved this problem through technology yet?

Most conventionally available solutions prove to be either impractical or are left wanting a strong business case

solutions without glassRUN
Ease of use
  • Too expensive.
  • Complex implementation.
  • Difficult to use.
  • Limited benefits.

glassRUN - A Compelling Business Case

Easy to buy, quick to deploy and gives rapid results.

solutions with glassRUN
Ease of use
  • Simple & inexpensive subscription fee.
  • Easy to implement within a month.
  • Easier than pen and paper.
  • Disproportionate benefits.
glassRUN is easy to buy, quick to deploy and has delivered rapid results.